Private Lessons

The Russian Ballet of Orlando offers Private Lessons in addition to Academy and Adult classes. These sessions are designed to provide individual attention to dancers who wish to strengthen their grasp on ballet technique. We provide private lessons for solo variations, pointe, individualized choreography, preparation for audition videos, and dance photo-shoots. Our academy prides itself on being the only ballet school in Downtown Orlando to teach using the Vagonova method. It is the strongest, most accomplished method of teaching ballet; and it is the only method proven to be injury-free.

For the younger dancers, these lessons provide one-on-one attention, detailing and explanation of positions, increased flexibility, and preparation for competitions or other primary ballet roles. If the dancer would like to advance to the next level in a ballet academy or work on their pointe technique, these sessions are the only guaranteed way of doing so. For the older dancers, the sessions provide the experience of working with a cultured professional to increase their knowledge of their own bodies in regards to positioning, footwork, and individualized body-conditioning.

We provide you with the best possible experience with world-renowned staff, a state-of-the-art studio, and, the best prices in town.

Why Private Lessons?

As a teacher, I aim to give my students what classes can’t: 60 or more minutes of my undivided attention in every lesson. This intensive approach has had huge positive effects in helping students do better in classes, auditions, rehearsals, and performances.

Come to me if you...

  • Need help with your technique: pirouettes, jumps, balances, extensions, musicality, foot strength, turnout, classical form
  • Want to improve faster
  • Have learned the basic vocabulary of steps and positions and are ready to move up, whether to the next level, on to pointe, or on to auditions

Others Who Can Benefit

  • Teachers looking for new approaches
  • Ballroom dancers seeking a competitive edge
  • Jazz and musical theater dancers working on their audition skills